welcome, traveller.



I’ve been a busy wee beaver backstage, tuning up and doing my deep lunges in prep for showtime. I put you on the guestie with a fancy tour laminate and here we are - a brand new website for your perusal and delectation. I hope you like it. The show is peppered with some new material but hopefully your old favourites are still on the set list.

So aye, please have a good swatch at the site and let me know what you think. Report back anything that doesn’t work. I’ve left the comments on to see if anyone swears at me or sends me links to weird shit on the dark web. ..

Here we, here we and all that.

I’ve got actual patter for you soon - some wedding photo features, some new projects etc etc but as pop legend Luke Goss would say ,“Rome wasn’t built in a day"' and the like so don’t go too far.