beauty will be convulsive or will not be at all...

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First up, HUGE THANKS to Christina and the team at We Fell in Love for the cover feature with my beautiful brides, Chloe and Kim.

These ladies are the real deal, they just have this very special connection with each other that you can see and feel and it’s lush as fuck. Seeing that authentic love in couples is one of the very best things about doing this as a job, it is such a privilege to sense.

Anyways, you can see the wee feature online here.


Wedding season has kicked off already and it is so good to be back to shooting with our happy couples. I’m taking things a lot slower this year so I’m really enjoying the pace and freedom that a bit of time to get creative allows. I want to connect all the things that have been going on and inspiring me. One such thing, which has arisen from starting therapy last year, is a portrait series about unhelpful words.

I’ve always been a bit crap at self care but I’ve been learning so much about who and what I am and it’s just starting to connect everything for me. I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing….Anyways, the unhelpful words photos came from the thought that I carried some really horrendous things that I say to myself or that people have said to me. I internalised some really miserable banter and carried it around for a long time. This last year has helped me to begin to let it all go instead of overthinking everything…therapy is amazing, I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone. It’s just self care and is so vital. Free up time for dreaming…

Why am I banging on about this on a wedding photography blog? Because I really believe that to fully love each other we have to understand, accept, forgive and learn to love ourselves. We just repeat bad patterns and harmful behaviours otherwise. Kinda obvious but it’s taken me years to properly get it. Weddings are a celebration of a partnership that is made with the good and the bad and that’s another thing I love about shooting them, we get to peek in the window of the journey that brought our couples together which is always inspiring to me…anyways, back to the unhelpful words portraits.

These are words with negative connotations that my lovely portrait sitters have carried in the past and were well ready to say cheerio to. So we told them to GET TAE and it’s really really good fun to shoot!! It’s already evolving as a project in the way I’m shooting and I’m loving it.

Huge thanks to Danni from Chachi Power Project for being my initial guinea pig and for introducing me to Lily from Real Talk, who is also a total inspiration. Check out their work people, follow them online etc etc. Much love to everyone involved so far.

We all have mental health, we all have times of struggle and I think the more we make discussing our mental health commonplace the better for everyone, wherever they’re at. Aye, so…email me on if you’d like get involved in the project. I’m also aware that wedding planning can be STRESSFUL AS FUCK. I have some experiences/supplier pals to help with that. I’ll share at a later date. Everything is connected, see.

These have been making me laugh of late. Let me know if you know of more of the lols that I’d like….

This Time With Alan Partridge - how creamy and awkward is this to watch?
Athletico Mince podcast
Scottish Patter on instagram

This is Clive. Some of you have met him before. He’s my dashing & handsome quiet librarian…

This is Clive. Some of you have met him before. He’s my dashing & handsome quiet librarian…

Things I’ve been reading lately that you might like too…

After the Quake, Haruki Murakami - I’m shite at reading novels, my mind wanders off, I read the same page 10 times then give up. This is a series of linked short stories which I read and wept about on a train and it’s lovely.

Your Inner Critic is a Big Jerk, Danielle Krysa - I get stuck all the time with ideas and I just need to shut the fuck up and DO them.

Deliciously Ella, the Plant Based Cookbook - THANKS to my pal The Hypnobirthing Midwife for this…I made 3 things from this book last week and they were all banging.

Care Package, Sylvester McNutt III - I’ve become slightly obsessed with Sylvester McNutt III and not even just for his name. He writes so succinctly and is pretty much bang on about EVERYTHING. I’ve recommended this book to a bunch of pals. It’s great for anyone working through anything of whatever magnitude that has troubled yer mind and soul. It’s just some thought poems as he calls them, along with a few short bits of wisdom.

Nadja, Andre Breton - a wonder of a creepy wee reverie, a surrealist story of the romantic muse or who knows. It made me think of the 70s French film, Celine and Julie Go Boating, which makes me think of Desperately Seeking Susan, my favourite film as a kid. Anyways, it sent me down an inspiring rabbit hole so I think it’s magic.

In Nadja, Andre Breton writes, “Beauty will be CONVULSIVE or will not be at all” which, for me, links to my whole point about loving, starting with ourselves, in the fullest honest sense and here we are full circle. Told you it was ALL connected.

Special bonus prize for making it this far.