“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering it by holding it still.” Dorothea Lange

east lothian wedding photographer

We are unobtrusive, our style is relaxed, natural. We use available light, only using flash to capture movement in dancing images, as a rule. We shoot what happens on the day - we shoot what we see, being present there in your moments.

Everyone looks their best when caught unaware with a natural smile or tear or cheeky glint, that’s what we capture for you to keep. We think we are pretty ninja but we’re probably not! Our work is not traditional, not posed, not eating into your time to celebrate with the people you care about. We understand you aren’t having a wedding to hang out with photographers all day. So don’t worry about us, in fact, try to forget we are there. We’ve chatted through your managing the day, just relax, be a bit selfish to make sure you spend the day with each other and let us and the other suppliers you picked work our magic.

So I guess you could call our approach candid/documentary/reportage/storytelling/narrative…there’s too many of these terms kicking about! All we know is we shoot what truly happens and try to capture as many little details that you might not even have noticed. We chase little pockets of handsome light.

We really feel, looking back on happy memories, they tend to feel like sunny days so we look for the best of the weather we are given on the day. Whether in Scotland that’s actually truly what happened we don’t know but we remember them as sunny. So that is why our images are light, airy, bright and full of the emotions of the day, that is the kind of image that is truest to our personal happy memories and that is what we want to make sure we record for you.

From us, you will receive a mix of light bright colour shots and some strong black and white edits, both of which work a treat with the art paper we use for prints and albums.

On the day, the only time you really hear from us is for any group shots that you request (we appreciate most couples we work with aren’t into these but their mums and grannies still are).

“I cannot tell you how much total, complete, utter J O Y these have brought to us! The moments we wanted to remember, the moments we didn’t even know had happened - the sense of light in the space, all the LAUGHTER, all our loved ones captured. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!” Natalie & Joe, married at Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh